On filters

I have this friend. i’ll just say, that i don’t make friends very easily.
i can probably count the number of friends on one hand.
quality over quantity.
when you’re in, you’re in. for life.

anyway, she’s wonderful.
when we first became friends, i thought,
“wow! she’s so thoughtful and does such nice things for me!”
and in turn, i did nice things for her.

as time went on, i learned that she did all this nice stuff for a lot of people.
even lame people. no matter how lame.
my mother always told me not to be too nice.
that people who are too nice get taken advantage of.

i’m a little bummed out because now i know i’m not special.
there’s no discernment. no filter, or qualifying process.
everyone gets this same, albeit, great treatment.
even those who don’t deserve it.

i can’t hold it against anyone for being an all around good, nice person,
but i think there’s a fine line between being nice and being a fool.
it’s just against my nature.
i dole out love and generosity stingily.

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source: fasterfit

Attachment is like honey on a razor`s edge: it looks like pleasure but offers only pain.

As long as you follow desire you will never find satisfaction.

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Botanica by Natalie Stopka

This artist book holds a collection of 12 eco prints, made on one late summer day in the Catskill Mountains. Each image is made only from the dye inherent to the plant. Gathered from the garden and foraged from the fields, these plant prints are the portrait of a place and time. Because some of the colorants in each image are not lightfast, they will gradually fade over time, leaving only the permanent dyes. The artist book is bound in naturally dyed and printed silk joined with a herringbone stitch.

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it’s not garbage, I’m making a hamster home

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